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Thursday, 25 April 2013

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Hazrath Maulana Ibrahim Dewala sahab(db) :

Maulana Ibrahim Dewala sahab is one among the senior most ulema and zimmedars of Markaz Nizamuddin. Hailing from Gujrath Maulana Ibrahim dewala devoted himself completely for Nizamuddin under the Amart of Maulan Inamul Hassan Sahab. Till now he is serving his best in the feild of Dawat o Tabligh. His Bayans  are simple and intresting with full of Hikmat and ilm. One who listen his Bayan in Nizamuddin can easily understand the importance and Greatness of Dawat o Tabligh. His Bayans are very much liked by people because he says very valuable points which is easy to understand . He always talk about importance of Dawat o Tabligh (with proves in Hadith and Quran) and gives good examples to understand quickly. Whenever Maulan Saad sahab goes away from Nizamuddin( for Hajj or any ijtema), The responsibilty of Mashwara is been handed to maulana. He teaches Tirmizi Shareef in Madrasa Kashif ul uloom(adjacent to markaz) since 25yrs. He is also the Ustad of Maulana saad sahab. Now a days he is very weak and frequently gets ill please do dua for hazrath wellness and  his long life so that the ummat can be benifited by such a great man for longf time.

There are some rumors that he left Nizamuddin due to the ikhtilaafat between Maulana Saad and the other ulema present at Nizamuddin. But as said its just a rumor and as far as my sources are concerned he left due to his illness and is desperate to come back to markaz.

During the big argument that occurred at Raiwand Markaz in 2015 , the issue of making new shura created a havoc between the zimmedaars of all worlds . Haji Abdul Wahab sahab on recommendations by many zimmedars across the globe created a new shura without the consent of Maulana Saad . But Maulana Saad (db) was completely against making a International shura , he said that Whole world must follow the guidelines and rules set by Markaz Nizamuddin not by Raiwand and follow that too Not the Ulema and Zimmedars of Markaz but the Mashwara of Markaz Nizamuddin. He said that he would do a mashwara of making a shura restricted to just India that too after returning to Markaz Nizamuddin.  After returning to India Maulana Saad(db) during the 3 months Mashwara that is conducted by inviting all the old workers of Indian states (Alhamdulliah in which even i was present), Maulana did a mashwara upon this Issue in which the main key figures were Maulana Saad, Maulana Ibrahim dewala, Maulana Ahmed laat, Maulana Zuhair ul hassan, Maulana yousf, Haji laeeq , Hafiz manzoor and Bhai mushtaq of maharastra, Bhai farooq from karnataka, Professor Khaleel from chennai, Mufti Ba salama from Hyderabad and many 28 others.
In which a Shura of 10 members were selected. But a Zimmedaar from Mewat and Zimmedars from Maharsahtra wanted to add Maulana Yousf (Son of Maulana Saad) also in Shura upon which the heated argument occurred during mashwara to which Maulana Ibrahim dewala stood and lectured in such emotional way that everybody there calmed down. One thing i missed to mention above is When the shura was made by Haji Sahab , many signatures were taken from the great personalities present there even maulana Ahmed laat , Maulana Yaqoob, Maulana Tqriq jameel and 11 such signed on that paper , during that issue Maulana Ibrahim dewala was at Nizamuddin and were given the responsibility of all chores at MArkaz nizamuddin , A phone call was made from raiwand wherein many ulema requested to come him immediately to Raiwand, but he simply refused saying that he was given the responsibilty of markaz by Maulana Saad which he would leave and come only if Maulana saad said him to do so. But Maulana saad said nothing and he didnt went , this is wat a great sign of a Daee , thats how is a Daee a worker of deen who obeys the command of his Ameer and completes the responsibility given to him by mashwara. May Allah give us more benefit from his acts, duas and lectures and reward him with the best of best.

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  1. Mr. furquan shah In your article you have given half information regarding the shura. Please visit http://tablighijamaattruth.blogspot.in/

    1. My brother may ALLAH be pleased with you and keep you always happy, Maulana ibrahim dewala left markaz nizamuddin because of illness and did not return yet because of repeated preassure of other people who left markaz. same request is made for Maulana zuhair ul hassan sab (may ALLAH guide him and protect him) but he refused to leave the markaz. If you know Maulana Jamal ur rahman sab db ( One of the great sufis of hyderabad) he said nearly one and half year ago to his mureeden present in his majlis (after the zikr majlis) in which many of them were those who were associated with dawat o tabligh that "QURAN KA KHOOB EHTEMAAM KARO YAHOOD AUR DUSHMAN E ISLAM DAWAT O TABLIGH KE KHILAAF HAR HARBA ISTEMAAL KARCHUKEY MAGAR AB BADA ZABARDAST JAADU ISTEMAAL KAR RAHE HAIN" thats what is the reason behind this biggest fitna that has arised in the feild of dawat o tabligh. MAY ALLAH PROTECT US ALL AND KEEP US GUIDED AWAY FROM ALL THESE FITNA. JUST KEEP OURSELFS ENGAGED IN AAMAL . BOTH AMAL E INFARADI AND AMAAL E DAWAT.

    2. you are right brother this the fitna


  3. Work of tabligh jamat is the fruit of thinking of a great maulana ilyas ramatullah. Tabligh jamat has compiled islam in a six point programme as a hekma to rescue lost islamic umma, six points was present in prophats time, salat was one point, kalima was one point, ikramul muslemin was one point etc, but nobody combined six points in a permanent practicing package for whole umma for all times, it has changed meaning of dawa of prophat mohammed (s) in the history of tabligh jamat not a single dawa was given to nonmuslim, upon a thought effort of iman will make us good muslims that will change enviournment of the world that will change the world or a storm of noah will destroy the kuffar so no dawa is needed to nonmuslims, so there is 10 20 lakhs in each tabligh eztema but not a single non muslim visible in any tabligh eztema beacuse in concept giving dawa to nonmuslim is missing in tablig dawa system……present conflict in nizamuddin is a sign that tablig jamat will or may work in certain community for a certain period of time, But way of Mohammed (s) dawa was giving dawa or reforming muslim and nonmuslim togather…..muslim umma has two parts muslims and non muslims, until ghast is not done muslims and nonmuslims togather, there will be lack of zeal or spirit or unbrteakable union which was present among sahaba during prophats time. Now there are two strong groups divided in tabligh jamat, in my thinking if you start giving dawa muslim and nonmuslim togather a new history will join these two groups. Just make an intention before every ghast that we will give dawa in prophatic way muslim and nonmuslim togather whoever falls in our way….now you can keep doing this tabligh work same way as two groups or more groups in future or You can keep Maulana’s six points same but in every ghast an intention of giving dawa muslims and nonmuslims togather can be bring in practice. simply it is just possible to convince Allah that our dawa is same as our prophat Mohammed ..why dont you add it in your daily moshara of doing ghast to muslims and nonmuslims togather whoever falls in our way.. Yes intention for whole umma already there now but nobody practice it …..this is my estihad for tabligh jamat you may accept or reject it Allah is my witness as i was thinking longtime tabligh jamat actualy dividing muslim ummah…govt or non govt, give or donot give dawa to nonmuslims we are week,beacuse satan engaged a great multitude only one way thinking keeping tablig jamat untouchable to any groups who by akida is valid muslims , satan promoted this suggestion showing the numbers in eztema. Desperate intention to apply six points by tabligh amirs on whole muslim ummah has divided ummah into two groups, as tabligh is divided in two groups now.Only way you solve this problem is you start giving dawa in every weekly ghast to muslims and nonmuslims togather. THIS IS MY PERSONAL ISHTIHAD ON THE CRISIS OF TABLIGH JAMAT WITH A SINCERE INTENTION TO SOLVE PRESENT CONFLICT WHICH MAY TURN INTO A BIG CALAMITY OR FAILURE OF JAMAT TO SAVE MUSLIM UMMA.