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Thursday, 25 April 2013

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Hazrath Maulana Ibrahim Dewala sahab(db) :

Maulana Ibrahim Dewala sahab is one among the senior most ulema and zimmedars of Markaz Nizamuddin. Hailing from Gujrath Maulana Ibrahim dewala devoted himself completely for Nizamuddin under the Amart of Maulan Inamul Hassan Sahab. Till now he is serving his best in the feild of Dawat o Tabligh. His Bayans  are simple and intresting with full of Hikmat and ilm. One who listen his Bayan in Nizamuddin can easily understand the importance and Greatness of Dawat o Tabligh. His Bayans are very much liked by people because he says very valuable points which is easy to understand . He always talk about importance of Dawat o Tabligh (with proves in Hadith and Quran) and gives good examples to understand quickly. Whenever Maulan Saad sahab goes away from Nizamuddin( for Hajj or any ijtema), The responsibilty of Mashwara is been handed to maulana. He teaches Tirmizi Shareef in Madrasa Kashif ul uloom(adjacent to markaz) since 25yrs. He is also the Ustad of Maulana saad sahab. Now a days he is very weak and frequently gets ill please do dua for hazrath wellness and  his long life so that the ummat can be benifited by such a great man for longf time.

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