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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

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Hazrath Maulana Sayeed Ahmed Khan Sahab Makki(R.A):- 

b. 1903
d. Rajab 12, 1418HI November 14,1999
Born in Khera Afghan (Saharanpur, India), he got his early education and did matriculation from Islamia School Saharanpur.
After an exchange of letters with Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi RAIIMATl!I.LAII .HAIIIE. he got admission in Jaami'a Mazaahir-e-Uloorn, Saharanpur, and completed education in 1360H (1941).
Then he got himself attached to Hazrat Maulana Muhammad I1yas RAHMATL1.LAH
He was the ameer of the jamaat which was sent to Sa'udia in 1947 in order to institute the work of Tableegti over there.
There he spent the most part of his life. His speeches used to carry aheavenly tone. His contribution in establishing and running the work of Tableegh in the Arab-world is vital.
He was famous for his hospitality. His letters in respect of the principles of the work of Tableeg lt are very important, and have been published.

He was the Ameer of Arab after  Maulana Obaid ullah Balyavi was called to Nizamuddin . Maulana Sayeed sahab wanted some one along him to overcome the difficulties of  work load. Hence after the mashwara Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab was sent to Arab where he lived and worked with Maulana Sayeed sahab(ra) for nearly ten years. Maulana Tariq Jameel sahab said " I saw none but Maulana Sayeed  whose life was very near to the life of sahaaba" he even said " I never tasted a desert(sweet)  which one of the Sahabas severed the prophet , but once  Maulana Sayeed sahab himself made the same desert and served his friends".
 Hazrath Abid Khan sahab(ra) of Hyderabad was on his way for umrah and wanted to meet Maulana Sayeed sahab very desperately , but on the way people (of Hyderabad) in Riyadh requested Abid Khan sahab to deliver a speech and then leave for makkah. Abid khan sahab agreed and was about to deliver the speech but it was announced that Maulana Sayeed sahab passed away. Hazrat Abid Khan sahab became so emotional that when he delivered Bayan 6 people died in the ijteema  , Maulana started Bayan after magrib and continued for 3  hours and described the mujahedaas of Sahabas and also described briefly  the life of Maulana Sayeed Ahmed Khan sahab.

He used to write many letters to his friends and the people who were considered the Zimmedars of Jamat. Maulana Saad Sahab himself reffers his letters and says his words in Bayans.
This letter sent to Dr. Thanaullah sahab and Dr. Khalid sahab - two elders of the effort in India - actually consists of words of condolences, because two saathis in the Jama'at of Prof. Nadhir Ali Khan sahib passed away in the path of Allah in America. May Allah shower His Blessings on all of them. This letter gives us a good insight into what elders of TJ actually think about sacrificing one's life in the path of Allah and attaining matyrdom as Maulana Sa'eed Ahmad Khan sahab quotes Hadhrat-ji Maulana Ilyas to have said  "The heart of every Muslim should harbour the eager desire, that it's my job in this world to seek the oppertunities of attaining martyrdom in the path of Allah. This was the eager desire of all the Sahabah."

Other related points of interest:
- Maulana explains how these physical and mental sacrifices ultimately led to guidance throughout the time of Islam.
- Maulana reveals that many saathis have attained martyrdom in the path of Allah already, especially from the time of Hadhrat-ji Maulana Yusuf . And their graves (similair to those of the Sahabah) can be found in many different countries.

Unfortunately this letter is in Urdu and I don't really have the time to translate it for the benefit of our English-speaking readers. So, if anyone could volunteer it would be appreciated greatly.

Please don't use this thread to bicker and quarrel. And take this letter for what it is and don't try to hijack the effort by going into any extremes. If moderators find it inappropriate, then please at least merge it into the above-mentioned closed thread. But I would prefere to have a own thread for this.

Have u heard that Mawlana Sa'eed Ahmed Khan (RAH) had given bayah to Mawlana Zakariya ( RAH) ?
Most probably not. But this issue was also mentioned in the same book from where Truelife ha quoted.

Along with the Tablig Jamat activities , Mawlana Sa'eed Ahmed Khan (RAH) practised sincerely all the prescribed spiritual exercises ( Wazifa ) and finally got Khilafat from Shaykh Zakariya (RAH).
In the letter 30 where he mentioned the name of Mawlana Ahmed Ali Lahori (RAH) , he mentioned
the need of giving due importance to Sufi Shaykhs ( Pir Mashaykh ).


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