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Thursday, 3 January 2013

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Speech of Maulana Saad Starts................
Rough Translation in ENGLISH:
So the effort and the moving around, its spirit is Da’wa…Maulwi Ilyas(rah) used to say that this is just the skeleton of the work, its soul is Da’wa……the entire thing is a framework…whether the effort or the worship..it is a skeleton and it will come to life through da’wa..otherwise this work…this work[effort] is like a body…..the entire benefits(ifaadiyaat) of this body….its moving around…all its achievements(manfa'at)…… are dependent upon its soul..hence we need to believe in it. The Qur’an has sworn that humanity is in loss and cannot come out of this loss without da’wa (repeated twice). Those people will be saved from loss ….they will achieve salvation….who have 4 things in them….Faith, good deeds, inviting others towards faith and good deeds..(repeated)….inviting others towards good and stopping them from evil. Inviting towards faith and good deeds..this is also a condition for salvation like faith and good deeds themselves. The ‘Ulama have written that these are the four conditions for salvation (najaat). Faith (Iman), good deeds (amal al Saleh), Tawasee bi’l Haqq (calling towards Haqq), tawasee bi’s sabr (calling towards patience). If even one is left out, then (all) the conditions for salvation will not be met. Hence workers must believe that this Ummah cannot come out of its state of loss without the work of Da’wa.




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